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Sonntag, 16. Januar 2005, 01:43

ZR1100 and ZRX1100 swing arm?

First I&#039;d like to appologise if I&#039;m putting my question in the wrong place. My German language skills are not up to date, therefore my question is also in English.
My question: I would like to put a wider rear wheel on my Zephyr ZR1100 -92. Now since the original swing arm on this bike is a bit narrow I figure that the swing arm from the ZRX1100 might fit to my bike thus allowing for a wider wheel to fit. Is there anyone here on this forum that has done something similair? Any tips or ideas of how to change is very much appreciated. Please reply to g.ehn@mac.com.

PS. Any tip on German motorcycle shops (web) for used parts is also very much appreciated.

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Sonntag, 16. Januar 2005, 11:30

Re:ZR1100 and ZRX1100 swing arm?

Hi Goran,

welcome to our Forum :D :D

Some of our 11er Drivers try to answer your question. For more information we will back in a jiffy.

In the time between
here are some URLs of Used Parts Dealers:
http://www.z-klasmo.de/ ( english spoken)

kind regards
Viele Grüße


Sonntag, 16. Januar 2005, 11:43

Re:ZR1100 and ZRX1100 swing arm?

Hello Goran.
You can also a broader rear wheel insert, without inserting a difficult change and/or a new rocker. There is the company www.deget.de. Those widen Professionel your original rim. Look at it you once.

The best regards to Sweden Thilo